How Can You Eat More And Still Lose Weight?

Although it sounds quite incredible, it may actually be possible to lose weight by eating more. For people who are completely disillusioned by diets, there is no cause for despair. To lose weight you are not required to give up on foods you love. There are certain foods which can help you stay fit and lose weight at the same time. It is time you let go off crash diets promoted by celebrities and open your mind to new ideas about weight loss. Elimination of complete food groups from your daily diet is anything but healthy; the damage it causes to your body is irreparable. Most diet experts recommend performing moderate exercises for at least half an hour every day to lose the excess weight alongside a healthy well balanced diet. They are also coming up with suggestions to include some foods in the daily diet which can help you lose weight and stay clear of the pitfalls of what is commonly called yo-yo dieting.

Eat regular breakfast: It is important to eat a wholesome nutritious breakfast each morning in order to lose weight. Fatty snacks like muffins or croissants are not what you should be munching on after skipping breakfast. Your blood glucose levels are low when you wake up and they fall further in the absence of a nutritious breakfast; this makes you crave for sugary foods later.

Include dairy products: Not all dairy products are as fatty as you think; any glass of milk will actually contain fewer calories than crisps. You can eat your cereal with milk or eat whole meal bread slice with honey or jam. Dairy products should be included in the diet because they are calcium-rich. Low calcium levels may spike fat levels; calcium heats the body and help to burn fats effectively.

Eat the right foods:

  • It is important to have fiber rich foods to lose weight. These foods take a longer time to digest and keep us away from sugar rich foods because our stomach stays full for longer hours. Foods like fruits or vegetables, cereals and whole grain bread will not cause you to gain weight.
  • Foods which contain more water have fewer calories like vegetables and fruits, gelatins and soups, hot cereals, sea foods and eggs.


  • Low-fat foods can help you lose weight because fats typically contribute more than two times the calorie intake from proteins or carbs. For example, light mayonnaise or low-fat salad dressings are foods which you can eat without worrying about the calories. Fat-free frozen yogurts and sorbet, fruit-based desserts are great options for people with a sweet tooth. You therefore do not have to eat less dessert to lose weight as long as you make smart dessert choices.
  • You should stick to generous amounts of low calorie snacks using foods like asparagus, cucumber, carrots, green beans, apples and cranberries etc to keep a check on your weight. Fighting sugar cravings is perhaps the biggest challenge and you can use more proteins in the meals to keep this under control.
  • There are also some “good” fats which help you lose weight. For instance, essential fatty acids can provide you with more energy, a better skin, cardiovascular strength and digestive regularity.

These are some examples of foods that you can eat in generous portions because these deplete the fats stored in the body and help you lose weight. When you eat small meals multiple times in a day, you can actually cut down on your calories because your metabolism works better.