Diets That Fetch You Faster Weight Loss

Achieving weight loss is not an overnight phenomenon. You did not wake up one fine morning and find yourself overweight. Becoming overweight or obese happens over a period of time. The accumulated calories over a period of time increase the quantum of fat deposits and lead to weigh gain. Once we find the weighing scale tilt the wrong side, we are in the search of techniques that help in quick weight loss.

There is no miracle cure to weight loss. Limiting your calorie intake and complementing the same with an active lifestyle with regular exercises is the guaranteed way to healthy and permanent weight loss. Crash dieting does offer faster weight loss, but they are saddled with side effects and cause nutritional deficiencies.

The following diets enable you to attain faster weight loss.

Low Carb Diet

Predominantly a large portion of our foods are made up of carbs. This intake of carbs leads to a higher calorie intake. If not burnt off, the unexpended calories get converted into fats and accumulate in the body. Carbs are the foods that give us energy and fuel the metabolic activities. When you lower the carb intake, a calorie deficit is created. As a result, the body withdraws the stored fats and converts them to energy. This helps to melt away the fats and help with weight loss.

The most favored diet to lose weight fast is a low carb diet. In fact, a low carb diet is the guiding principle of many weight loss diet plans and scientific evidence proves that a low carb diet is a very effective and safe weight loss technique.

High protein diet

The food group that helps to build muscle is proteins. Having a protein rich
diet comprising of poultry, lean meat, legumes and beans has the effect of building your muscle mass. When you have a high amount of muscle mass, greater energy is required to work these muscles. As the muscles are continuously in work, greater quantum of calories is expended.

More muscle helps to burn more fat helping to attain your weight loss goal faster. So, eat a protein packed meal and lose weight faster.

Fiber enriched diet

Fiber is found in complex carbs, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Unfortunately, the foods we consume in large quantities are stripped of fiber. A fiber enriched diet satiates you faster as fiber is filling. Thus, you substantially lower the quantum of your meal. Further, fiber takes a longer time to digest. So, you remain full for a longer time and hunger pangs are delayed. The increased interval between meals results in a reduced calorie intake which translates to weight loss. To ensure that you expel the undigested fiber from your system, drink adequate amount of water.

In addition to the above other diets that help in faster weight loss include liquid diet, cabbage soup diet, paleo diet and diets comprising of fat burning foods. Eating natural and unprocessed foods is the first step towards successful weight loss. Whichever diet you choose ensure that it gives you healthy and permanent weight loss results.