Can Diabetics Have a Healthy Weight Loss?

Diabetics generally have a hard time losing weight. This is mostly because of the immense dietary restrictions placed upon them by medical advisors and doctors. Diabetics are generally advised to lose some weight immediately by doctors in order to lessen the risks. Often, it becomes a difficult task to lose weight in such cases. Is healthy weight loss possible for diabetics? It is possible provided certain measures are implemented for this purpose.

The basics behind weight loss for diabetics

Diabetics generally have to lose about 5-10% of their total body weight in most cases to reduce major risks. As a result, they do not have to resort to extreme measures to lose weight or think about shedding a huge number of pounds. When it comes to healthy weight loss for diabetics, mild to regular exercise is absolutely essential. However, daily dietary intake plays a vital role in determining successful weight loss.

Healthy weight loss is possible if diabetics can moderate their overall meals to a suitably sustainable level. They need to distinguish between the major types of fats, namely Trans fats, saturated fats, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. The last two are good for the heart and can be consumed without any problems.  However, saturated fats and Trans fats need to be strictly avoided. As a result, diabetics need to avoid consumption of full fat dairy products or fatty portions of red meat. Alcohol consumption must be moderated at any cost. Alcohol contains empty calories which can be disastrous as far as regulating blood sugar levels are concerned. Medical advice must be taken in this regard.

Other dietary restrictions that must be enforced for healthy weight loss

Diabetics can switch over to high protein diets for enhanced weight loss. At the same time, they must endeavor to cut down consumption of sugar. This comes with avoiding sugary drinks, aerated beverages, processed foods and other items. You can enjoy your favorite desserts every once in a while but this should be strictly monitored. Diabetics should try to douse their sweet tooth with healthy substitutes like nuts, little doses of dark chocolate and walnuts instead of milk chocolates, sweets and beverages.

Alongside, carbohydrate consumption must be monitored correctly. Whole
grain is the best solution for greater fiber intake and regulation of blood glucose levels. Brown bread or brown rice in moderation works well. The glycemic index must be the Bible for diabetics when it comes to planning their daily diets. If a balanced and healthy diet is followed which reduces the number of calories consumed each day, healthy weight loss is possible for diabetics.

There are specialized healthy meal delivery organizations like Nutrisystem which also provide meals tailored to the needs of diabetics. These meals stabilize blood sugar levels and spark healthy and safe weight loss to the tune of almost two pounds each week. Diabetics can also opt for these plans as they save a lot of time and energy. With the right strategies, diabetics can lose weight in a safe, sustainable and healthy manner.